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Dog Bites

Under California's dog-bite law, the owner of a dog is generally held strictly liable if his dog bites another person causing that person to be injured.  In other words, owner's liability does not depend of whether the owner was negligence in the way he kept or controlled his dog while it was out in public or even on his own property, but rather the law imposes automatic liability on the owner from the mere fact that his dog bit another person causing injury.

An exception to this general rule can occur when the person bitten by the dog has actually provoked or taunted the dog in some way causing the animal to bite him when it otherwise would not have done so without such provocation.

This rule of strict liability imposed on the owner also applies regardless of whether the dog had any vicious propensities to bite people or even that the owner had no such knowledge of the dog's vicious propensity to bite human beings.

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