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Premises Liability

Many people erroneously assume that just because they are injured due to some "condition" on someone else's property, that the owner is automatically liable for the accident and their injuries and damages.  That would be a serious mistake indeed!

The law does not impose on the landowner a legal duty to "guarantee" the safety of all persons who may come onto his property for whatever reason.  It only requires that the landowner exercise "reasonable care" in the management and maintenance of his property so as not to create or allow a situation that presents an unreasonable risk of harm to others while they are on his land.  This rule applies to not only private individual landowners, but also to business landowners (like a grocery store) alike.

There are certain other situations, however, where the law places no liability at all on the landowner to people who may use his property.  For example, persons who use another's property or land for free for their own purely recreational purposes like camping, fishing or hunting, and who do so without (or even with) the permission of the owner, ordinarily may not hold the landowner liable if they are injured while using his property.  In effect then under this law they simply assume the risk themselves of any accident.

It is therefore extremely important if you are hurt on another's property, whether they be a private individual or a business, to contact or consult with an attorney who specializes in "premises liability" type cases as soon as possible following your accident to see what legal rights you may have.

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