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Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Claims

Most people are probably familiar with the term “uninsured motorist claim”. That involves a situation where you are in a motor vehicle accident and the other driver has no liability insurance at all. Therefore, he’s an “uninsured” motorist.

Most people are less familiar, however, with the concept what an “underinsured” motorist claim is. As the name suggests, this involves an accident where the other driver does in fact carry liability insurance, but the amount or “limits” of his insurance coverage are insufficient to compensate you fully for all of your injuries and damages. Therefore, he is considered to be “underinsured” as far as all of your damages are concerned.

Another little known fact is that your “underinsured motorist” coverage you carry with your own insurance company only comes into play if the other driver’s liability insurance limits are less that your underinsurance limits. In other words, if his liability coverage limits are equal to or greater than your underinsured limits, then your underinsured motorist coverage doesn’t come into play at all in your claim for damages, and you would then normally limited to recovering the amount of his liability insurance coverage only, assuming he doesn’t have any personal assets you can go after as well.

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