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Automobile/Motorcycle Accidents

If you or a member of your family is involved in an automobile or motorcycle accident, there is certain information that you should obtain at the scene if at all possible.

You should get the names, addresses, phone numbers, drivers’ license numbers and insurance information of all parties involved, as well as the names, addresses and phone numbers (if possible) of any eyewitnesses to the accident.

If you happen to have a camera with you, you should photograph the damage to the vehicles, as well as the accident scene to photographically document any accident debris or other physical evidence like skid marks.

If you don’t have a camera with you, then be sure to photograph the damage to your vehicle and the accident scene as soon as possible in the days following the accident to preserve any important physical evidence.

This is especially critical in case the other driver and his insurance carrier later dispute liability for the accident.

After you have had an opportunity to seek appropriate medical care for your injuries, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in automobile and motorcycle accidents so you can learn what your legal rights are, and get an expert legal evaluation of the merits of your case and its potential monetary value.

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